BTS’s Suga Once Locked Himself Out Of His “Genius Lab” For 4 Days

Suga ended up having to call someone.

BTS‘s Suga can sometimes be a bit “forgetful,” and there was a time when he locked himself out of his “Genius Lab.”

BTS’s Suga

The “Genius Lab” is Suga’s personal recording studio.

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At a fansign, RM shared that Suga once forgot the passcode to his personal studio and that he locked himself out for “2 days.”

| sweets inwonderland/YouTube 

Jimin shared that Suga was “furious” in front of the studio door!

| sweets inwonderland/YouTube 

Suga then stated that he was actually locked out for 4 days and that he ultimately had to call an expert to open the door since he couldn’t remember the passcode!

| sweets inwonderland/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!