BTS’s Suga Made V Cry For Over 10 Minutes, After Sending Him This Message

It’s touching.

During BTS‘s Bangtan Dinner Party in 2018, V revealed that Suga once sent him a message that made him cry for over ten minutes.

There was a period in 2018 where the boys had considered disbanding because of the struggles and hard times they were facing, as mentioned in the 2018 MAMA “Artist of the Year” award speech.

During that period, Suga had sent him a long message that V says was both serious and emotional. In the end, he wrote, “I love you.” Because of this, V became emotional and cried for ten minutes.

Upon hearing the story, the other members shared how surprised they were that Suga would send such a message. Jin even joked that the longest message he received from Suga is “Jin, do you want to go eat?RM and J-Hope also commented that they’ve never heard Suga say the words “I love you” to them.

Suga and V are known to be opposites, with V being more loud and bright and Suga being serious. Some have even said that the two can be awkward around each other because of how different they are. This only shows how much Suga actually loves and cherishes V.

Suga then went on to say that he had actually sent two people that message, the other being their maknae. Jungkook revealed that Suga also said, “I love you” in his message.

This event only made all their bonds stronger, and it’s evident that BTS truly loved one another. BTS, let’s keep going for a long time.