BTS’s Suga Reveals His Most Memorable Moment From 2020

“It was a career-high for us.”

BTS achieved a lot of success in 2020, as they broke numerous records. During a live broadcast, Suga was asked about his most memorable moment from 2020, and he gave an honest answer.

BTS’s Suga | @BigHitEnt/Twitter

Suga revealed that the most memorable thing for him from 2020 is their song “Dynamite”. Suga even believes that “Dynamite” was a career-high for them.

“Dynamite” became BTS’s first song to top the Billboard “Hot 100” chart. The success of “Dynamite” got BTS a lot of new schedules when they were promoting the song!


Suga concluded by talking about how they received a lot of great responses when they were promoting “Dynamite”.

Suga’s answer isn’t too surprising, as when “Dynamite” hit No.1 on the Billboard “Hot 100”, he couldn’t put his emotions into words.

Suga’s reaction when “Dynamite” topped the Billboard “Hot 100” chart | Weverse
Source: Naver Live