Suga Played Tricks On Everyone’s Eyes At Incheon International Airport

He left even the the most diehard fans feeling confused.

BTS‘s Suga momentarily confused fans during his appearance at Incheon International Airport.


On April 10, BTS arrived to board a plane to New York. They will be appearing as musical guests on Saturday Night Live on April 13.


At the airport entrance, BTS members adjusted their hair, earrings, etc, while waiting for the rest of their members to gather up.


Many fans mistook this handsome, blonde member for Jimin.


Judging from his stylish black outfit, his accessories, and even the way he stands, this has to be Jimin…right?


Wrong! When a mask-less Jimin suddenly appeared, wearing a gray beanie, many fans did a double-take.


Even some of the most diehard ARMYs couldn’t trust their eyes!


Fans may not have been able to spot Suga in plain sight, but they did notice a subtle hint of bunny-ness Jungkook brought with him to the airport. Check it out here!

BTS’s Jungkook Lived Up To His Bunny Reputation At ICN Airport


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