BTS Reveal That They’re Huge Fans Of Suga’s Mother’s Cooking

The members all love this dish!

The BTS members truly are one, and in the KBS special talk show Let’s BTS, the members “fanboyed” over a dish that Suga‘s mother makes!

BTS’s Suga
BTS’s J-Hope | @bts_twt/Twitter

In the show, there was a segment where the members answered various questions. One of the questions asked was, “Suga, what is your favorite homemade dish?


Suga said that his mother’s seasoned dried squid is his favorite, and the members said that “it’s the best.”

Seasoned dried squid

The members have all tried Suga’s mother’s seasoned dried squid, and they all agree that it’s extremely delicious!

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!