BTS’s “SHADOW” Trailer Might Be Referencing Suga’s Predebut Accident

As a trainee, he suffered serious injuries at a part-time job.

BTS‘s comeback trailer for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 is bursting with references to art and fiction, but also to real-life events.


In BTS’s documentary series, Burn The Stage, Suga talked about the accident he had as a trainee. While Suga was making deliveries on a motorcycle, he was struck by a car. “I was delivering while riding the bike when I got hit at the intersection,” he explained. “I was delivering when I got hit. Bam! I open my eyes and see the wheels here. Right in front of my eyes.”


Suga said that he was pulled under the car, and that he dislocated his left shoulder. Because of his injury, he had to stop b-boying, and he ended up quitting his job.


The accident was also mentioned in Suga’s lyrics for his 2016 Agust D song, “The Last”.

My shoulder which shattered
Thanks to the accident I met
During my part time job

— Agust D (“The Last” English translation)


After some intensive Googling, fans now believe that Suga’s accident is referenced in the new “Interlude: Shadow” trailer. In it, Suga wears a jacket with “YD250” printed on the shoulder he injured.


“YD250” is the model of an older YAMAHA motorcycle, possibly the same one Suga used to ride for his delivery job.


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