Suga Was Becoming BTS’s Second “Muscle Pig”, Until This Happened

Thicc Yoongi for 2019?

When it comes to muscles, most ARMYs think of BTS‘s “Muscle Pig” Jungkook, but it turns out that Suga nearly followed in his footsteps.


During a live broadcast on September 11, Suga told viewers that he had been beefing up…


…until his stylists told him to stop. If he kept gaining weight, he wouldn’t fit into his outfits while on tour.


Although Suga shared this snippet of info months ago, fans are now lamenting the loss of swole Suga thanks to this recently uploaded video.


In it, Suga wears a T-shirt that shows off his toned arms and fit physique.


Fans aren’t exactly happy with the stylists’ decision…


…and are hoping that “Thicc Yoongi” happens in 2019!