BTS’s Suga, NCT’s Mark, And ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Rocked The Same Sweater But Served Totally Different Vibes

They all look great in this sweater!

BTS‘s Suga, NCT‘s Mark, and ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung are all known for their incredible talents, but their impeccable fashion sense also deserves attention!

BTS’s Suga, NCT’s Mark, and ENHYPEN’s Heeseung | @agustd/Instagram, @onyourmar__k/Instagram, and @ihs_heeseung/Instagram

Suga, Mark, and Heeseung rocked the same sweater recently. The sweater they wore was from the brand OAMC, which was founded in 2013 by Luke Meier and Arnaud Faeh. The brand’s name used to stand for “Over All Master Cloth,” but the company dropped the acronym to become simply OAMC.

| @oamc_official/Instagram

Suga, Mark, and Heeseung wore the Ernest Crewneck sweater, which costs $921 USD. The sweater reads “Spring Sun Autumn Tints,” and it’s available in chocolate brown, royal blue, and yellow.

| OAMC/YouTube

Suga wore the yellow version of the Ernest Crewneck sweater in the special film that BTS filmed for Hyundai.

| HyundaiWorldwide/YouTube

In the video, Suga is shown playing basketball and working in the studio while wearing his yellow sweater.

Suga paired the sweater with brown dress pants.

| @Hyundai_Globa/Twitter

Suga served casual vibes with a professional edge. His sweater was cozy and comfy enough for a long day in the studio, and his dress pants elevated the look and made it a bit more business casual. Suga looked cool, professional, and super stylish in his sweater!


Mark wore the Ernest Crewneck in yellow, too! He wore it in the “Road Trip” track video ahead of the release of NCT 127‘s third album, Sticker.

| NCT 127/YouTube

The video shows the members trying to beat boredom on a rainy day.

In the video, Mark is shown wearing the sweater over baggy khaki pants.

He also wore the exact same outfit while performing “Road Trip” and “Focus” during the world premiere of the Sticker album.

Mark served casual, cool vibes in his OAMC sweater. The cozy look was perfect for spending a day at home with friends, like in the “Road Trip” track video. The sweater was also a great choice for the great, super chill performances of “Focus” and “Road Trip.” Mark looked totally comfortable and very stylish in his sweater!

| @onyourmar__k/Instagram

Heeseung also wore the yellow OAMC sweater. He wore it in ENHYPEN’s 2022 Season’s Greetings package.


Heeseung wore the sweater over floral-painted panel jeans from the brand Marni. The jeans cost $1,950 USD.

| Farfetch

Heeseung served funky, hipster vibes in the Ernest Crewneck sweater. His colorful pants brought out the green lettering on the sweater and made the bright yellow sweater look even more vibrant.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse

He looked cool and trendy, and his look matched the other members’ colorful outfits perfectly.

Although these 3 superstars rocked their sweaters in different ways, they all looked amazing!

Same Fit, Different Vibes