BTS’s Suga Is The Next Member To Fall Hard For TXT’s Charms

Suga couldn’t hide his happiness for their kids.

With TXT finally debuted under Big Hit Entertainment as its second boy group, BTS finally has the juniors they’d been waiting for and loving every moment of it.

Jungkook And V Supported Their Kids TXT At The MMA’s Like Proud Dads

They’ve all grown fond of them, from V jumping out of his seat in excitement over their MMA‘s win, J-Hope‘s heart being moved by Hueningkai, to Jungkook jamming out to their performances. It’s finally Suga‘s turn to join in on the lovefest.

When they were waiting to find out who had won the category for “World Fans’ Choice” or “Best New Male Artist” at the MAMA‘s, Suga waited with bated breath, seemingly hoping their kids TXT would take home the win.

As soon as he heard, “Tomorrow By Together,” the biggest smile spread across Suga’s face. He no longer had no reason to worry. He was so happy that it was like BTS had won the award rather than TXT.

When they got up to clap for them, Suga must’ve realized how excited he looked and dialed it back by just a bit. He still couldn’t hide how proud he was of their juniors.

While TXT are receiving recognition for their hard work, they’re also charming their seniors. If they can get the straight-faced Suga to smile, then they’re doing just fine. Watch the moment Suga wanted nothing but the best for TXT.