BTS Quickly Caught Suga’s “Lie”… And Suga Just Laughed

The members immediately “caught” Suga!

The BTS members know each other like family, and they quickly caught Suga‘s “lie” in episode 132 of Run BTS! 

BTS’s Suga

In the episode, the members split into teams and debated on various topics. One of the topics they debated on was, “Do you eat the rice in the sikhye (sweet rice drink) or no?

Sikhye (sweet rice drink)

Jin, who was on the side for eating the rice, asked the other team if they eat the rice in gukbap (hot soup with rice). Suga, who was on the side for not eating the rice in sikhye, said he doesn’t eat the rice in gukbap.

Suga even said that he doesn’t eat carbs, such as rice.

V quickly “caught” Suga and said that he saw Suga eating some carbs not too long ago.

Suga laughed and admitted to eating carbs because they’re delicious.

It looks like Suga isn’t the greatest liar in the world!

BTS’s Suga
Source: Naver Live