BTS’s Suga Reveals What Rehab Has Been Like Since He Got Shoulder Surgery

Suga planned on filming some of his rehabilitation but ultimately didn’t.

BTS recently held a live broadcast in celebration of the release of BE (Essential Edition). Many ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) left comments asking Suga if he was feeling better. In late 2020, Suga had surgery on his shoulder due to constant shoulder pain. Suga assured ARMYs that he’s gotten a lot better.

Suga shared that he’s been doing rehab three times a week and that he exercises often in his free time.

He also shared that staff from their agency will sometimes come to help.

Later in the broadcast, Suga shared that he recently started the 2nd stage of shockwave therapy. Jungkook then suggested that Suga should make a documentary about his rehabilitation, and Suga said that he planned on filming some of it.

While this was Suga’s plan, he ended up not filming anything since he thought he looked too “pitiful.”

Jimin then shared that he once saw Suga going through rehabilitation and that it looked extremely difficult, as Suga was sweating all over his body. Suga then told Jimin that what he saw was nothing and that his rehabilitation now is much harder.


Hopefully, Suga can recover soon!

BTS’s Suga
Source: Naver Live