Here Is How BTS’s Suga Is Reminding Fans Of What Truly Makes BTS Such Amazing Artists

It really makes them a joy to watch.

A new video posted to BTS‘s official YouTube channel has fans loving Suga‘s multiple talents as a musician—and his super chill vibes. Of course, it’s no secret that the members of BTS are all incredibly talented artists. But sometimes it’s nice to see them wind down and relax while enjoying their art, and that is certainly what this video shows.

As a part of the group’s BANGTAN BOMB series of videos, this video simply shows Suga relaxing with a piano while on set. Fans pointed out in the comments that Suga has the most relaxing vibes, and that seeing him enjoy playing the piano without paying much attention to what’s going on around him is a soothing experience, saying:

  • Every time I see Yoongi it looks like he’s in a bubble, there could be chaos around him but he always remains calm. Seeing him relaxes me so much.”

And of course, fans also made note of the fact that one of the reasons why videos like this are so nice to watch is because BTS clearly have a genuine love for their art, and that never fails to make people happy.

  • Yoongi looks very concentrated and you can really tell that he is enjoying it. That’s very nice. Even with the most simple thing, you can see the love with which they do things and that’s a very nice thing. I love him very much.”

BTS are amazing artists and their passion for their art is definitely one of the main things that has gotten them to where they are today. This passion never fails to come across and it’s what makes them such loved performers. This small video of Suga casually playing the piano is a nice reminder of that!

You can watch the video below.