BTS’s Suga Once Revealed Why The Group Felt Overwhelmed After They Debuted

This was a surprise to the members.

K-Pop idols usually have to perform multiple times in a row, and BTS‘s Suga shared that this was a big surprise to the members once they debuted.

BTS’s Suga

In 2015, BTS guested on KBS Cool FM Changmin’s Gayo Plaza, and Suga shared that they practice intensely. Even when they run out of breath, they continue practicing.

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That’s why when they debuted, they were surprised when they had to perform multiple times in a row.

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Back then, the members would just intensely practice for one performance. So, it surprised them when they had to do multiple exhausting performances in a row.

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There was even a time when Suga, RM, and J-Hope performed 8 songs in a row at a concert, and they thought that they were going to pass out due to exhaustion.

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Here’s the full video below!