BTS’s Suga Reveals Which Member Was His Shadow In “Black Swan”

He gave ARMYs the answer they’d been wanting.

After leaving everyone breathless with the beautiful choreography video for “Black Swan”, BTS released an official video for the track that was just as stunning with their own dancing.

Shortly into the video, Suga begins to rap softly, perfectly matching the vibe of the song. Behind him, there’s a massive shadow of someone dancing.

Since it’s only a shadow, the identity of the dancer could be any of the other six members. At least, if you’re unsure of how each member moves when dancing. Some ARMYs are already convinced they know who it is. During their recent live broadcast, Suga gave everyone the answer.

In the middle of their discussion of the music video filming, Suga turned to the members and revealed, “My shadow was Jimin.” That’s when Jimin mentioned that he was the shadow for more than one of them.

Based on the graceful way Jimin moves, especially when dancing, it made perfect sense that he turned out to be the shadow. The scene before Suga’s even gave a hint about who it was. Before it, Jimin was the one shown dancing.

If you had a feeling that Jimin had been the mysterious shadow, then you’d been right all along.

Watch Suga solve the mystery here as well as watching the cool scenes with a new set of eyes.