BTS’s Suga Reveals The Reason Why He Gains Weight When They Are On Tour

There isn’t any food that he dislikes!

BTS’s Suga, who is known to be quite thin with a small frame, is sometimes misjudged as someone who could be a picky eater and sensitive to smells. But in a previous live stream with J-Hope, Suga reveals that he’s actually the opposite!

While talking about skin care and health, they discuss the importance of diet and controlling how much food they eat.

Suga commented, “So I control what I eat. Starting from when I open my eyes, I eat for eight hours.”

In other words, he means that he uses the intermittent fasting method to control his diet, especially while out on tour.

J-Hope adds that gaining weight is a given when they are on tour.

Suga also reveals that there hasn’t been a single food that he couldn’t swallow thus far.

No matter what type of food goes into his mouth, if it goes in, he will eat it and swallow it.

Even J-Hope found it quite shocking that there is nothing that Suga can’t or won’t eat.

Suga admits that he has heard a lot of people tell him that he looked someone that would be a picky eater.

But in actuality, he likes all types of food, regardless of the smell or ingredients they use.

He emphasizes the fact that if you give him something to eat, he will eat it no matter what.

Of course, a lot of the times the food will fall out because of his small mouth, but he still eats it all!

But, this is the exact reason as to why he gains weight!

Well, there you have it! The simple reason as to why Suga gains weight is because he can basically eat anything that is given to him!