BTS’s Suga Reveals He Wants To Create Music That Gives Hope To The World

He has impacted the world in more ways than he’ll ever know.

BTS’s Suga, although he may seem hard to approach to at first, is actually quite the opposite. He just has a lot of things on his mind and is usually thinking of ways to create a positive influence through music.

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When asked what story he would like to tell through his music, he firmly stated that he wanted to create music that gave hope. “Whether it’s through rap or something else, the type of music that I want to do is already set in stone. I want to spread messages of hope through my music just like ‘Tomorrow’ or ‘So Far Away’.”

He understood that many people might find it strange that someone who is the total opposite personality from hopefulness is making music to give hope.

I grew up listening to Epik High’s music. Music about hope and dreams was the trend back then and I really liked Tablo hyung because he made that type of music. I want to continue making music like this. I’ve been given the power of influence so I want to use that in a positive way.

⁠— Suga

He also revealed that he didn’t like adults. “The fact that we grow up only to face reality, so we lose our dreams in order to find stability. That’s why I don’t think of myself as an adult. Of course age-wise I am an adult, but even if I am one, I want to be an adult that still chases after their dreams like a young child.“

Although his dream is to continue making music full of hope, he found that it was still hard for him to express his feelings to the fans.

I can’t express myself well either. It’s hard for me to express my feelings to the fans. I really wish I could have that person-to-person interaction like RM. But it’s really hard for me and I’m not asking for you to understand me either. As long as I continue to try and change myself and communicate with more people, hopefully my feelings will get across to everyone.

⁠— Suga

What fields are you most interested in?

I really enjoy talking about dreams, youth, and reality. Society these days only rush the younger generation. When we’re young, they force us to study. The criteria for being a ‘great person’ is clear. Having your own dreams becomes difficult in this kind of environment. But when you become 20, it’s not. There are a lot of things we have to give up on this generation. People are frustrated because they can’t see the future. If you see the light, you can go towards it, but because we can’t even see the light, we are scared to move forward. So I hope that those who listen to my music will be comforted as they continue to walk down the path of life.

⁠— Suga

He emphasizes to the youth that there is no need to blame yourself. We are all going through this together and we should support each other through these times. “This is the reason why I started music. I hope that our music gives you a bit of strength.”

Source: theqoo