BTS’s Suga and RM Have Mad Respect For Each Other’s Work

Music partners for life!

BTS’s RM and Suga have a long history together making music at Big Hit. Suga even once mentioned that the two began living together on November 13, 2010.

With both members taking a big part in music production for the group, they have much respect towards each other’s work.

During an interview, they were once asked what some of the qualities and traits it takes to be successful in their business.

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RM stated, “I think writing lyrics prepares you for any kind of opportunity. Reflecting on every single thought or experiences are the biggest inspiration and motivation to me.” Suga added, “I think being consistent is the biggest weapon.”

During several live streams, RM mentions Suga and his work and doesn’t pull back on his praise. He states, “His lyrics feels like someone took what I was feeling inside and moved it right into the song.” He felt that Suga’s lyrics touched on topics that people really wanted to say something about.

In a previous Suga live stream, he compliments RM’s lyrics that he wrote for his track “Strange.” He commented, “Such amazing lyrics. A round nail that has been hammered into a square hole. This kind of lyrics only RM can write. I was in shock when I saw the lyrics. He really writes lyrics well. I’m glad I asked RM to write this part.”

These two have worked together to bring some great lyrics into the world including “Seoul”, “”Moonchild”, “Forever Rain”, “So Far Away” and many more!

A netizen once commented that, “RM sees the reality at the end of the ideal while Suga sees the ideal at the end of reality,” and the different energy between these two are exactly what is needed to create these legendary songs!

Source: theqoo