Suga Got Splashed By RM At Muster And His Reaction Is Priceless

“Lil Meow Meow” reacted like a true cat.

Cats do not like getting wet, and ARMY‘s Lil Meow Meow is no exception to this rule.


On June 22 and 23, BTS held their 5th Muster at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena. This special fan event had many memorable moments, including one between RM and Suga.


During “Ma City”, RM sprayed the audience with water, but his aim was a little off. He splashed Suga by accident…


…then hopped away, completely oblivious to what had happened!


For a moment, Suga just soon there laughing then he brushed the water out of his hair and went to grab a towel.


As Suga was toweling off, he was sprayed again. This time, Jin did it!


Check out the whole hilarious moment here: