BTS’s Suga Receives Texts From “Weird People” On His Personal Phone

He has considered changing his phone number because of this.

Fame often comes with a lack of privacy, and BTS knows it all too well.


BTS adores communicating with their fans, but some “fans” do not respect boundaries. “Sasaengs” are obsessive fans who are prone to stalking behavior, such as following idols around in their personal time, invading their personal space, and attempting to directly contact them via phone.


For instance, Jungkook received a sasaeng’s call during his most recent live stream. Instead of taking the call, Jungkook looked at the number, then explained the situation to ARMY.

This is a call from a fan. It’s saying ‘You’re doing a V-Live and I just called to check’. What I do is, I immediately blocked the call. I actually get a lot of calls from saesang fans.

– Jungkook


Jungkook isn’t the only member with a compromised phone number. In the Behind Scene for the latest episode of Run BTS! (Episode 76), Suga talked about changing his phone number because of the texts he has been getting from “weird people“. He does not specify who these weird people are, but many fans have pointed the finger at sasaengs.


In light of this, ARMYs are once again condemning sasaeng behavior and encouraging everyone to respect BTS’s privacy.