BTS’s Suga Gave The Sassiest Answer To This Serious Interview Question

Nobody was expecting him to say this, but we’re glad he did.

From 2013 to 2019, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed. The “S” in Suga still stands for “savage”!


On June 11, BBC Radio 1 released their “BTS: Korea to Wembley” interview just ahead of BTS’s June 13 debut anniversary. The members answered questions about their journey to stardom, their achievements, and more.


At the beginning of the interview, Adele Roberts asked BTS, “How have you changed as a band since the start, since 2013 2 Cool 4 Skool?”. She may have been hoping for sincerity, but instead she got…sass.


RM was about to answer, but Suga jumped in and said, “Age.”


Boom. Mic drop!


Nobody does interviews like Agust D! Check out the rest of the interview here: