BTS’s Suga Came For A Man’s Job Faster Than You Can Say, “Fired”

Suga gave an SBS News announcer an answer he wasn’t expecting.

What Suga wants Suga gets — even if it’s your job!

During interviews, BTS are often asked about the careers they would have pursued if they hadn’t become idols. Usually, their answers are more or less the same, but Suga decided to switch things up for SBS News.

He began by talking about how he was signed as a producer with Big Hit Entertainment.

Then he dropped this bomb on the announcer!

That’s right, sir, you’re in his chair. Get out.

Suga’s boldness made his members laugh and the announcer sweat. “Oh no, that means I’m kicked out! That sounds so threatening,” he said, playing along.

Fortunately for the announcer, being a BTS member is a 24/7 commitment, so his job is safe…for now.