BTS’s Suga Proved, Once Again, That He’s Secretly A Master At English

Suga’s genius, hidden language skills have resurfaced.

BTS fans have long suspected that Suga is a low-key genius at English, and he’s proving this theory true all over again.


Suga doesn’t speak English as often as some of the other BTS members do, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t comprehend it. There have been many times when he surprised fans, and even his members, with his hidden talent.


One of the most iconic moments happened when RM talked about how “embarrassed” his members became when he had to leave them on their own to mingle with English-speaking celebrities. Right after RM said that none of the members can speak English, Suga contradicted him (in English) by telling the interviewer how much he enjoyed watching her videos.


Suga once again proved his skills, in BTS’s latest “Bangtan Bomb”. On February 4, Jimin‘s surprise birthday party in Amsterdam was uploaded to BangtanTV. Jimin’s father had prepared a special gift for his son that arrived with birthday greetings. A local flower shop had written Jimin’s card in English.


As Jimin brings the card to RM, to find out what it says, Suga can be heard in the background translating the beginning of the message, “my lovely son”.


It seems that Suga truly is a multilingual legend! For more, check out the full video here.