BTS’s Suga Believes That He Has Only Shown Half Of His Potential And Hope To Reveal More To Fans

We love our Min PD-nim!

BTS’s Suga isn’t called Min PD-nim for nothing!

In the Break The Silence: The Movie, the members express their joy and fears as they take fans on a ride in their journey as BTS.

Suga felt that although he has been in the industry for many years, he still has yet to show more. “Honestly, I think I’ve shown about half of my potential. There’s still a lot I can do. Maybe it’s because I like plot twists, but there’s nothing like showing something I’ve never revealed before that elicits an immediate response.”

He has shown his talent in a variety of different genres from dance, ballad, R&B, hip-hope, trot and more! “The dance performance during ‘Seesaw’ is one example. There are so many things you can do. I could suddenly start doing rock music though I’m not a rock musician. Or even trot music…oh I’ve already done that.”

Since we don’t know what the future holds, Suga’s potential and talent is endless. “Anyway, I can show so many more things, and there are so many genres in the world. There are many things I can show because there are so many things I can choose from. You never know, right? As I grow older, I could be working on stage productions or visual productions. If I show various different sides, I guess there’d be a lot more for me to show.”

I guess we will be looking forward to stage producer Suga in the future!