BTS’s Suga Reveals What Being A “Superstar” Is Really Like

He told fans what has changed and what has stayed the same.

BTS‘s Suga recently opened up about the realities of superstardom, and how fame is currently affecting his life.


On March 9, Suga celebrated his birthday with ARMY by hosting a live stream. He candidly responded to questions throughout the broadcast, including this one:


Suga said that even though superstardom has changed BTS’s professional life, his daily life hasn’t changed much at all.


Aside from being able to afford new equipment if he needs it, his lifestyle has more or less stayed the same.


Suga said that the “fancy life” people imagine and see in the movies isn’t his, or his members’, reality.


That champagne-popping lifestyle of the rich and famous just isn’t for BTS…


…except on very special occasions, like the 2019 Grammys!