Will BTS’s Suga Ever Get Tattoos? Here’s His Answer

He shared his thoughts in an interview.

Jimin and Jungkook are the first two BTS members to get inked, but will they be the last?

Suga | HYBE

In Korea, tattoos are a controversial topic. It isn’t illegal to have tattoos in Korea, but it is illegal to have one done by a tattooist who does not have a medical license. Under Korean law, tattoos are considered a “medical service” and are only permitted if the tattoo artist is also a qualified medical practitioner.

Jungkook | HYBE

Tattoos have a history of being associated with criminal activity, but that perception is beginning to change, thanks in part to BTS‘s tattooed members. In an interview with AYOAndy, a tattoo artist and YouTuber, expressed his gratitude on behalf of tattoo lovers.

By showing that he has a tattoo, [Jungkook] broke the bad perceptions about tattoos.

— Andy

How does Suga feel about tattoos? In a 2016 interview with Grazia, the interviewer noted that Suga does not have any tattoos despite being a rapper. He revealed that he had wanted one in the past but had decided against getting it.

“When I was young, I really wanted to have one,” Suga said. “But as I turned 20 years old, I didn’t want to anymore. Recently, I heard that Pharrell Williams is removing his tattoos and saying that he doesn’t even know why he got it tattooed.”

“I might want to do something else in the future,” he went on. “I want to do charity work, it might not look good, so I’m refraining myself.”

“If you’re getting a tattoo, what and where do you want it?” Grazia asked. Suga jokingly said he would get a dot on ink on his toe. “I’m trying to minimize the visibility,” he explained. “but I don’t know yet. I could change my mind and tattoo my whole back next year (laughs).”

Five years later, Suga still does not have any tattoos, but who knows what the future holds?

Source: Grazia Magazine and Korea Herald