BTS’s Suga Meant “Telepathy” To Be A Short Song… But Here’s One Of The Reasons Why He Made It Longer

This will warm your heart.

Originally, BTS‘s song “Telepathy” was supposed to be a short song, but Suga made the song quite a bit longer, and one of the reasons why is heartwarming!

BTS’s Suga

In BTS’s “BE-hind Story” interview, Suga was asked about their song “Telepathy” and how it got modified a lot. This song was co-written by Suga, RM, and Jungkook.


Suga shared that he originally wanted the song to be shorter than 3 minutes. After Suga finished recording the song, Jungkook came up to him and told him that adding some humming to the song would be nice.


Suga didn’t hesitate and told Jungkook that he could include humming if he wanted.


The humming, as well as several other things, caused “Telepathy” to be around 4 minutes long! However, Suga liked everything about the song, and he didn’t shorten it.


Here’s Suga’s interview and BTS’s song “Telepathy” below!