BTS’s Suga Throws Shade At American Interviewers Who Always Ask The Same Exact Question

He and BTS may be just a bit tired of it.

Between touring the United States as part of their world tours, appearing on television shows, and participating in various types of interviews, BTS answers all the questions that anyone could possibly ask. There’s only one problem.

The majority of the interviewers all seem to ask the same exact question. During one live broadcast, Suga threw some funny shade by mimicking them.

He couldn’t wait to say what was on his mind. While leaning forward and pointing at J-Hope, Suga asked, “Who do you want to collaborate with?” The question was all too familiar to them. J-Hope’s reaction quickly followed.

He raised his hand and pointed a finger at Suga. His imitation was so spot-on that J-Hope asked if they were currently doing a Billboard interview rather than a live broadcast. The other members were quick to react as well.

They were cracking up at how accurate it was. Jimin was having a laugh from his spot between V and Jungkook. RM became just as riled up as J-Hope, pointing to Suga too.

While BTS have always politely answered the collaboration question for every interview, and every variation on it, it may finally be time for interviewers to come up with a new question.

After all, they have plenty of experiences to share from their many years together and as idols. Plus, one simple search on them brings up their collaboration picks for at least five different interviews.

If Suga is making a joke about it, all bets are off. Watch him throw the funniest shade about the tedious interview question here, along with the rest of the group’s reactions.