BTS’s Suga Shares What Has Been The Toughest For Him Since His Shoulder Surgery

It might not be what you expect.

BTS’s Suga recently held a live broadcast where he spoke with ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) about his recent shoulder surgery. During the live broadcast, an ARMY asked Suga what has been the toughest for him since the surgery.

Suga shared that the toughest thing for him is that a day now feels too long.

As soon as Suga wakes up, he begins wondering what he’s going to do the whole day.

Usually, Suga has a schedule to go to when he wakes up. Not only that, but Suga also shared that he enjoys going to work.

Even meeting staff at Big Hit Entertainment was like a routine for him.

However, now that he’s on a short break due to his shoulder surgery, he hasn’t been able to do any of this. Now, Suga just wakes up and starts wondering how he can have a productive day.

Source: V LIVE