BTS’s Suga Tried His Best To Make RM Lose, But Was Shocked He Failed

RM is not only talented, he’s also a genius!

In an episode of Run BTS, the boys of BTS played a fun game together!

When it was Suga‘s turn to throw out a question, he asked RM, a relatively difficult question. Suga’s confidence was evident as he asked the question to RM thinking he probably wouldn’t get the answer right. “What is Nepal’s capital,” asked Suga.

But, the smarty pants that RM is proved everyone, especially Suga, wrong when he answered the question correctly in less than a second. He easily answered the question! He didn’t even think!

The way RM answered the question looked like he had the capital of each country memorized to heart. It only proves and shows just how smart he really is! Even Suga himself was shocked to hear RM’s correct answer the moment he finished asking the question.

ARMYs are amazed by both Suga’s reaction and especially that of RM’s intelligence!