BTS’s Suga Once Revealed How The Members Supported V When He Was In The K-Drama “Hwarang”

This will warm your heart!

The BTS members are each other’s biggest supporters, and they were a big source of strength for V when he was a cast member of the K-Drama Hwarang.

BTS’s V in Hwarang | KBS

During an interview, the members were asked how they encouraged V when he was filming for Hwarang, and Suga gave a heartwarming response.

| December Deer/YouTube 
BTS’s Suga

Suga shared that they would often send V supportive messages when he would go shoot for Hwarang.

| December Deer/YouTube 

The members would also sometimes send V funny photos to encourage him and help him relax when it was time for him to act.

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After this was shared, the members were praised for their bond!

| December Deer/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!