BTS’s V Wishes He Could Turn “Grandpa Suga” Into A Rock

V has the perfect solution for dealing with his grumpy member.

If V has his way, Suga won’t have to wait until his next life to become a rock.


In the past, Jin took a dive into Suga’s mind and revealed his innermost thoughts: “I want to be born as a rock in the next life so I don’t have to do anything”.  At the time, Suga was 200% done with life and in desperate need of a snooze.


Since then, things haven’t changed much, and the latest episode of Run BTS! proves it. In Episode 76, the filming for BTS‘s K-Drama continued. By this point, everybody was tired, but nobody was as vocal about it as Suga.


When Suga whined about filming a tight shot, Jimin sassily told him to go home if he didn’t like it. If only he could!


Since Suga didn’t want to do anything but lay there, V came up with the perfect solution. He said, they should have just turned him into a rock, and everyone agreed!


Check out the full episode here: