This Clip Of BTS’s Suga Is Gaining Views Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Only Suga could do this!

By now, everyone should know that BTS‘s Suga can volley off his raps at an astonishing speed. His rapid-fire words have the power to leave both fans and critics speechless with their power and deliverance.


While his tongue-technology is already incredibly fast as it is, a clip from one of his performances proves that he may have just outdone himself!


As expected, BTS once again brought down the house during the stop in Berlin for their Love Yourself World Tour, but when Suga took the stage to perform “Seesaw” the crowd knew it was going to be lit!


And of course, it was!


Suga’s influence, however, kept going long after the concert had ended. One ARMY had captured the performance and posted short clips of it to Twitter. While the fanchant clip and full performance video reached close to 300,000 views each, there was one more video that did even better!


The user posted a 9-second clip of Suga’s “Seesaw” performance on October 16.


A few days later it had already reached over a million views.


But it wasn’t stopping there! It quickly reached 2 million, 3 million, and then 5 million views!


Now the short video has over 7 million views and counting!

It’s also been retweeted over 40,000 times.


ARMYs are absolutely in love with the clip and think it shows what a king Suga really is!


This just proves that not only can Suga spit fire, but he has the power to take over the internet at the speed of light too!