This Video Of Suga Doing Basically Nothing Is Going Viral

It’s the quality content that fans signed up for.

Numbers don’t lie, and these numbers say that ARMY is whipped for Suga!


BTS‘s “Lil Meow Meow” has it all. Talent…




…a lovable personality…


…and, of course, visuals for days!


When Suga performs on stage, it’s pure fire, and fans can’t get enough of it. Last October, one 9-second clip of Suga’s “Seesaw” almost broke the internet when it went viral. It currently has 52 million views and counting!


It turns out though that Suga doesn’t have to be on stage to rack up views. In less than a week, this clip from Suga’s Vlive has gotten over 1 million views on Twitter. This isn’t unusual, but the catch is that Suga is basically just existing in this clip. A pout and a smile is all it takes for fans to fall head over heels for him!