BTS’s Suga Accidentally Made All Hell Break Loose On “Run BTS!”

They almost drowned!

When BTS‘s Suga causes chaos, it’s usually on purpose, but that wasn’t the case on Run BTS!

Suga | Run BTS!/Weverse

In Episode 131, BTS got blasted with water while arguing their way through the most absurd debates in history. Crunchy cereal or mushy cereal? Eggs or peas? It was the best kind of mess.

For each round, the members had unknown words they were forbidden to say and actions they were forbidden to do. They had to guess which ones through trial and error. If they said the forbidden words or did the forbidden actions, the staff would blast both teams with water and dump a bucket on the debate’s mediator.

At one point, the water attacks were coming non-stop and BTS couldn’t figure out why! They shouted directions at each other, desperately trying to deduce the forbidden action. Was it wearing goggles? Raising their hands? Wearing hats? Nope.

Finally, after being half-drowned, Jungkook figured out what was triggering the attacks, and more importantly, who. Suga kept folding his arms the entire time!

Unfold your arms!” RM shouted. Who knew that Suga’s tiny habit could make all hell break loose?

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