BTS’s Suga Went Rogue And RM And Jungkook Paid The Price

He went his own way and ended up dragging down these members with him.

Suga proved that he’s not a follower or a leader. He’s a lone wolf who unwittingly drags his team down the road to failure!

In Episode 78 of Run BTS!BTS played “Food 20 Questions:”, a guessing game where they had to name the correct dish based on the clues MC Jin provided. Each team could take turns asking questions, but they only had one chance to guess the answer.

Most of the members conferred with each other before guessing the answer, but Suga wasn’t about that teamwork life. After hearing a clue, he immediately called out his team name then said the (incorrect) answer before RM could stop him.

The other team burst out laughing, while RM and Jungkook sat there in shock.

When Jin confirmed that RM’s answer was the right answer, RM and Jungkook took out their frustration on Suga, who shall henceforth be known as Rogue Yoongi.

Even though his team was freaking out, Suga still kept his cool and tried to justify his answer!

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