BTS’s Suga Gave The Most Helpful Advice To People Who Struggle With Insecurity About Their Work

Everyone needs to hear this.

As a rapper, songwriter, and record producer, BTS‘s Suga is no stranger to the entire musical process.

With this in mind, Weverse Magazine once asked him what he does when he isn’t sure of his music and lacks the conviction to release it.

Many creators are unsure even after they’ve produced good work. How do you get the conviction to release your work?

— Weverse Magazine

Suga understood full well what they were talking about because he himself has felt that way in the past with his work. His advice is to remember that nothing will ever be perfect. If they continue to nitpick about every last detail, they will never release the song.

Many musicians are unsure whether they should release their music or not. It was the same for me, but the thing is, you’ll never release anything if you nitpick everything. For example, if we release 10 songs, we have a chance to unveil them in concerts or fan events.

— Suga

He knows from experience that, eventually, the parts that he nitpicked in the past will stop bothering him after some time.

And sometimes, as we listen to the song, we think, ‘Why does this part that had bothered me no longer bother me?’ Some things might feel awkward at some point, but in time, it no longer feels awkward. Even I forget about it.

— Suga

For him, the most efficient way of doing things is to look at the big picture and not get too distracted by the details.

So it’s more efficient to fine tune, looking at the big picture, rather than thinking too much about the details.

— Suga

Suga concluded by suggesting that they work on music in their own time and collaborate with other people when it comes to the details.

On top of that, during promotions, I don’t have the time to pick tracks that others have sent for 10 hours. It would be a success for all of us if each of us play and write a melody in their own time and collaborate with others on the details. So the way of songwriting has evolved in many aspects.

— Suga

Source: Weverse Magazine

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