BTS’s Suga Once Went Wild On Twitter, And ARMYs Didn’t Know What Was Going On

We love BTS too!

Non-ARMYs might not realize what a big softy BTS‘s Suga really is. From an outsiders perspective, he may be seen only as a very serious person but fans know that he’s actually pretty playful and loves his members and ARMYs with all his heart.


And nothing quite proved the fact that he loved his members like the time he went wild on Twitter! Back in 2016, Suga injured his ear after tripping. The doctors told him to not do anything that would further irritate his ear which meant that Suga had to sit out of all BTS’s planned activities.


That didn’t mean, however, that he was going to just sit around! At first, Suga took to Twitter to express his frustrations at not being able to perform with his members.


— Suga


But that was just the beginning of his Twitter escapades. Pretty soon he was cheering on the boys…

“What I feel as I’m watching the performance: Bangtan’s stage is great.”


And revealed himself to be their biggest fan!



Then he decided to add an unexpected element to his tweets, some hilarious photoshops of his members!


Which caused ARMYs all over the world to fall down laughing!


Of course, there were also some other random tweets like the one about the acrylic stand.

“I’m looking forward to the acrylic stand.”


A reference to the mini-Suga figure that Jin was supposed to be carrying but actually left in his bag!


Suga also made cherry tomatoes trend at number 2 in Korea after this mysterious tweet about the tasty fruit.

“Let’s wash the cherry tomatoes. Chop, chop, chop.”


On top of that, Suga also made sure he covered all the bases by posting to Weibo!


Fans were absolutely in love with the sudden explosion of tweets by the rapper and thought it was the sweetest thing ever!


But then again that’s the soft and fluffy Suga every ARMY knows and loves!