BTS Suga’s Advice For People Who Just Don’t Want To Work

He doesn’t Suga-coat it.

Do you hate getting out of bed on Monday mornings? Would you rather stay home than go to work? If so, BTS‘s Suga has some advice for you.


HYBE EDU‘s latest video teaches Korean phrases using a clip from Suga’s live broadcast. In this “video call roleplay,” he responds to a fan who isn’t loving the 9-5 grind.

You need to make a living though!

— Suga

Ever the practical one, Suga got straight to the point; “There’s only one way to concentrate when you’re working,” he said. “It’s all to make a living. Just think about payday, and push through.”

Even Suga, who loves his job, goes through slumps. “There probably isn’t anyone that has never gone through a slump,” he said. “What do you do when you’re going through a slump? You just need to do it.”

In time, your slump will be a thing of the past, and you’ll be glad you pushed through it!

Don’t think, just do it. Then one moment, you’ll have done this much. You don’t need to be frustrated about not improving. One moment, you’re going to realize how much you’ve grown. That’s how it was for me, too.

— Suga

Watch the video here: