BTS Suga’s Life Motto From 2015 Is Such A Mood And Fits Him Perfectly

We love an unbothered king.

We’ve been taking a look at BTS’s past self-written profiles from 2015 and it’s been fun reading their thoughts and goals from that period. After taking a look at Suga’s profile, we’ve concluded that he is the same unbothered king he is now as he was then. His whole profile is a mood in itself!

Name: Min Yoongi (named by his father and means to live a well-rounded life)

Blood Type: O

Family: Father, mother, older brother

Birthday/Sign: March 9, 1993/Pisces

Conception Dream: My mother dreamed of a pumpkin passing over the house.

School: Taejeon Elementary, Kwaneum Middle, Apgujeong High

Personality: I have a clear sense of what I like and dislike and have absolutely no interest in things that I have no interest in.

Hobbies/Skills: looking up speakers, looking at the Ikea booklet

Habit: Biting and ripping my nails

Motive to become a singer: I randomly watched TV and saw Stony Skunk on TV and made up my mind to be a singer.

Favorite Food: Meat, meat, meat

Confident Dish to Cook: Gordon Ramsey style steak

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Movie: Inception

Things I Collect: Speakers, headphones, microphones, music equipment, figures, Jordan series

Favorite Nickname: Min PD

Close Celebrity Friend: Barely have any

Celebrity I want to be close with: Epik High

TV Program I Want To Appear On: I don’t know about TV shows but I want to be a radio DJ

Fashion Style: I like leather styles and accessories

Ideal Girl Type: Someone similar to me, someone like me, a calm person, a wise person

3 Things on my Bucket List: Buy my own house, Get my own recording space, travel the world

Life Motto: I don’t give a shit

Popularity Ranking of BTS Members and Reason Why: Suga>rest of the members (I am the best. Min Suga is Jjangjjangman). Honestly our fans love all seven of equally and I am thankful for that.

A question to ask the fans: What is your reason for stanning us?

In just five years, Suga has achieved most of his dreams and goals including working with Epik High and having his own recording studio! His unbothered king vibes also still rings true today as we can see in his latest mixtape release D-2!