BTS Suga’s Silent Painting Session Was Something We Didn’t Know We Needed

Anyone up for painting?

On April 24, BTS’s Suga turned on a YouTube live stream through BANGTANTV and gave fans a surprise treat. What fans didn’t know was that this live stream would be a one hour painting session in silence.

Suga was dressed in a black beret and striped shirt along with a gray apron as he prepared the paint for his drawing. In front of him was a huge white canvas in which he would be drawing on for the live session.

He began to mix different hues of blue as he continued his painting. Many fans were curious to see what the final product would look like.

Although it seemed strange for him to not talk and just paint at first, fans later found this to be quite calming and therapeutic as they watched him paint for an hour. Suga warmed fans’ hearts as he showed his beautiful smile while painting as well.

Previously, RM had done a YouTube live stream and let fans know that they would be taking turns coming online to show fans how they have been spending their time at home and indoors. It seemed like Suga had been enjoying some artistic moments during this quarantine period.

This calming session must have touched the hearts of many fans as #yoonie began to trend on Twitter.

He also gave inspiration to some to go out and paint something of their own as well!

He also previously asked fans to leave him questions for him to answer and he revealed that he would be doing that very soon!

For those that are worried about not being able to see the final product, it looks like we will be seeing it online very soon!

Watch the full painting session below!