BTS Suga’s Thoughts Sum Up Our Reaction To The ‘CONNECT BTS’ Artwork

Suga’s reaction is all of us too.

On March 18, Big Hit Entertainment dropped a BANGTAN BOMB video through Twitter of BTS visiting the art exhibit for CONNECT BTS in New York.

While many of the members began to roam around the architecture in order to understand and get a feel for the piece of art, Suga‘s thoughts about the artwork stood out to ARMYs.

He admitted that all this was new to him and that the world of art was something very complex.

His sums up his thoughts in one sentence, “It’s like I almost get it but not quite.” And to be quite honest, this is the reaction we have on it too!

He wraps up his thoughts by concluding that this kind of thinking is what art is all about anyway.

He even compares the piece of art to POSCO, which is a South Korean steel-making company that makes an output of crude steel.

Watch the full video below!