BTS Superfan Oli London Buys 5,000 Copies Of K-Pop Magazine To Show Support For Group

Because what else do you need during a pandemic?

Oli London has long been a controversial figure in the K-Pop industry. He became famous for spending over $150,000 on plastic surgery to look like his ultimate bias, BTS‘s Jimin, which has led to a lot of critique and criticism. Now, he’s gone a step further in showing his love and support for the group.

Rather than stocking up on essentials like most people are during these frightening times, Oli has shunned such behaviors and instead decided to spend his money on buying 5,000 copies of the K-Pop magazine KJou which features many articles about BTS and even one about himself.

“While people have been rushing to buy essential products like toilet roll and hand sanitizer, for me all I need to feel safe and happy is magazines filled with pictures of BTS, Jimin and myself. There is a whole two page article featuring some photos of me and talking about my marriage to my cardboard cutout of Jimin.

— Oli London

He recently “married” a cardboard cut-out of Jimin in a Las Vegas ceremony, so maybe the 50 boxes full of KJou magazines that he’s posing with in the video he posted on YouTube shouldn’t be too much of a surprise!

I love the photos of Jimin so much so I decided to order 5000 copies. Why not? They are really great photos of me and BTS. I cannot stop looking at them.

— Oli London

Oli has starred on Dr. Phil and Botched in the past, to talk about his love for BTS and the drastic lengths he’s gone to to look like Jimin. He’s also released a couple controversial music videos as well, the most recent being “Mirror, Mirror”. You can watch the unboxing video below.