BTS’s RM Is Focused On Something Besides The Meaning Behind The Artwork

RM is more curious about something else.

On March 18, Big Hit Entertainment dropped a BANGTAN BOMB video through Twitter of BTS visiting the art exhibit for CONNECT BTS in New York.

The members began to explore the piece of artwork and tried to understand what it was trying to portray.

Jungkook took the piece of art to be simply about being ‘connected’ as the title of the project is called ‘CONNECT BTS’.

Jimin and V take the meaning to a deeper level as they try to understand the artwork through its shape.

V asks, “Where does it begin and end?”

Jimin answers, “You can’t see,” expressing that all the pieces of metal are intertwined, thus no one can know where it starts and ends, showing that everything is connected in the end.

V then lets Jimin know that he will always be here, waiting for him.

They shake hands as a sign of their forever connected friendship.

Jimin continues to explain his thoughts about the artwork just like the soft and deep creature that he is.

Leader RM on the other hand is more focused on the construction of the artwork as he takes a look at the details.

He is confident that they used super glue to put the pieces together.

He feels that the artwork is sturdy because of this too.

Watch the full video below to see more of the members’ thoughts about the artwork!