BTS Blesses One Another During The 34th Golden Disc Awards Red Carpet Event

Congrats to the group!

On January 5, BTS attended the 34th Golden Disc Awards that took place at the Gocheok Sky Dome. During the red carpet event, members took turns wishing each other well with blessings.




The members took the stage and posed for the cameras in their dapper red carpet outfits.




The MC asked the members to go around wishing each other well for the New Year. Starting with V, each member said a blessing to the member next to them.

V: “Our Suga hyung has really pretty teeth so I hope that in 2020 there will only be things to smile about.”




Suga: “Our Jin hyung stated earlier that he wanted to live young for the New Year but I think he’s already doing that well. I hope that he continues to live like this for the rest of this year.”




Jin: “Our Jungkookie said that he wanted to be healthy this year but I think that his body is already healthy enough so I hope that he will work less on his outward appearance.”




Jungkook: “Our RM hyung has always done his best thus far so I hope that he will continue to show his best to everyone. Fighting!”




RM: “Our Jimin always does well so I hope he will continue to be healthy, cute, adorable, and lovable.”




Jimin: “I hope that our J-Hope will be healthy in mind and body this year. Our Hope hyung has a very pretty smile so I will work hard to make sure that he doesn’t lose his smile. Please continue to show us your pretty smile.”




J-Hope: “V, please always be healthy and continue to let your handsome face shine this year.”




BTS set a new record at this award show and took home six awards including becoming the first group to win Daesang in both categories (Disc and Digital).





Listen to their acceptance speech below!