A Talented Musician Absolutely Nailed Drumming Along To BTS’s “Dionysus” The First Time Hearing It

Collab when??

It’s always fun to see creative people taking BTS‘s music and making their own art out of it, and recently, a musician did it in a particularly unique way!


He goes by the username stephanstanzione on TikTok and @stephanstanz on Twitter, and he posts videos of himself drumming along to songs that he’s never heard of before. And he does a really impressive job!


THIS IS THE PENULTIMATE VIDEO TO COMPLETE HARRY’S HOUSE!! & arguably the toughest song!! #harrystyles #harryshouse #harrystylesboyfriends #drums #drumcover

♬ Boyfriends – Harry Styles

Recently, a video that he posted of himself drumming along during the first time he listened to BTS’s “Dionysus” is taking social media by storm.

Not only are ARMYs impressed by his talent, but he’s expressive and funny while drumming too, which makes it even more entertaining to watch!


Replying to @mikki2043 MORE HARRY IS ON THE WAY, BUT I WANT TO DO MORE BTS TOO BECAUSE THEY’RE SO RAD #mybtstracks #bts_proof #btsdionysus #btsarmy #drums #drumcover

♬ Dionysus – BTS

This isn’t the first time he’s drummed along to a BTS song the first time listening to it — he also did it recently for “Run BTS”!


It’s 2022 and it’s time to finally listen to BTS (I’M SO LATE OMG). Here’s my first time listening to RUN – where my #bts stans at!? #mybtstracks #bts_proof #btsrun #bts_run #drums #drumcover #drummer

♬ Run BTS – BTS

ARMYs in the comments are blown away by his talent, and it’s easy to see why.

Hopefully he’ll do more covers of BTS (or other K-Pop artists) songs soon!