BTS talks about plans for US activities in interview with Teen Vogue

In a recent interview with Teen VogueBTS talked about their tour, music-making process, described each other and revealed what they plan to do in America!

Teen Vogue asked very interesting questions, one of them being which songs BTS would recommend to new fans. Rap Monster replied with fan favorite song “Fire”, while V and Jin both recommend “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”, touting its beauty and metaphoric nature.

After the interviewer asked BTS to describe each other, they all said very kind words to one another:

Jungkook: Jin used to be an ordinary guy in the team, but he’s the mood maker now. He’s the most wicked and funniest of all. No one in BTS is normal though, come to think of it.

Jin: Jungkook’s delicate voice always mesmerizes our ears and that’s definitely his role in BTS.

V: Jimin is a real piece of cuteness, like the youngest in the family.

Jimin: V’s specialty is getting all the attention from others onto him!

J-Hope: Suga is a true caretaker. He’s kind of a hidden leader who takes care of everyone.

Suga: J-Hope’s a real hope-maker. He’s such a ‘hope-generator.’”

After the interviewer asked if they ever have time to write music while on tour, Rap Monster stated something that left many fans excited:

“Mostly we’re in the hotel when we’re not on [our promotional] schedule so I bring all my equipment. I wake up, if I have a rehearsal, I go do that and when I come back to the hotel, I sit down and turn on the laptop, cause I’ve got nothing to do without that!”

– Rap Monster

Many fans are now even more excited, believing that at any moment, BTS’s next title track could be in the making.

With BTS’s popularity being on the rise, Rap Monster, Jimin and J-Hope replied to Teen Vogue’s question about dealing with people who will try to “bring them down”.

Jimin: I’m a very positive person and I don’t easily get intimidated by people who try to bring me or BTS down. Besides, my family is always there for me.

RM: These days, I try to take everything as my fate and respond with dignity. I accept it, it’s like a shadow, it’s just there.

J-Hope: I had a firm belief that I was going to be a successful artist, and that led me to what I am. I draw all the strength I need from that belief and try to share my energy with other members as much as I can.”

Teen Vogue ended the interview by asking BTS what they plan on doing in America. Rap Monster explained:

“I want to go to Barneys and Supreme! I want to see buildings and people on the street, their faces, what they talk about, how they walk. I do that in Korea. I go to somewhere I haven’t been and just watch people and colors, that’s my inspiration.”

– Rap Monster

Following Rap Monster, Jimin chimed in with his own wishes:

“I really want to go on a day trip with the members. Or a picnic to Central Park on a sunny day would be nice”

– Jimin

Fans are now anticipating that BTS will be have more US interviews soon, causing excitement for the group’s potential expansion abroad and potentially impacting the world’s view on the genre of K-Pop.

Source: Teen Vogue