BTS Reveals What They Would Do If They Had A Time Machine, And Two Members Want To Change History

What would you do if you could time travel?

One of the age-old questions people have is, what is the first thing you would do if you could travel through time. It seems as if the BTS members recently revealed their answers while celebrating their 8th anniversary during their ARMY Corner Store as part of their 2021 FESTA.

Suga was the first to answer, and, as expected, it was heartwarming and seemed to be a popular choice amongst the members. Suga explained that he wanted to go back to the group’s final concert with fans at Main Stadium.

It was so much fun. That was the last concert in Korea in a long time. If I could go back now, I could repeat that concert like 14 times.

— Suga

Whereas Jungkook agreed with Suga’s choice, he had something else that he wanted to change, and it was to do with one of the group’s title tracks. 

There’s one more thing I want to do in the past. If we have a meeting, I say, ‘How about “No More Dream” for the next title song?’

— Jungkook

Although Suga and Jimin found it cute, V said that they should go one step further and choose something better to change. In particular, V thought they should travel back and make their famous track “Fire” their debut song instead!

Luckily, J-Hope pointed out one of the fundamental problems with any time travel or attempt to change the past, and the group may not be where they are right now! 

You can watch the whole video below.