BTS Turns Into K-Drama Actors After Failing Their Mission In LA

Would these romantic lines woo you?

BTS recorded an incredibly corny video message for ARMY during their BTS NEWS in LA broadcast.


As a penalty for BTS’s “BEHIND MISSON” game, each member who failed the mission had to read a cheesy line from a K-Drama.

The staff prepared seven lines in total. Each punished member chose which of the seven lines he would recite.


J-Hope was the first member to accept his penalty.

His line was: “What were you going to do if something happened to you? Then what about me?”


RM gave J-Hope some acting tips to help him set the mood. RM advised J-Hope to get into character by channeling his angry, emotional side.


J-Hope read his line so passionately that Jin and Jimin both collapsed, laughing.


BTS’s resident drama major, Jin, took the stage next. Jin is known to say very corny things in his everyday life, but this line even made him cringe.

It was: “When I got tired of life, I took a break. That is, looking at you.” 


Jungkook advised Jin to make his line sound appealing, and to throw in some tears for good measure.


Jin’s first two attempts were NGs…


…but his third try was perfect!

Perfectly ridiculous, that is.


BTS’s hopeless romantic, Jimin, stepped up next. His members told him to stay in character until the very end, knowing that he laughs whenever he gets embarrassed.


Jimin managed to keep a straight face while acting…


…but laughed bashfully afterward.


Next up was V, BTS’s historical drama star. The members asked V to perform his line similar to his lines in Hwarang. 


When Director J-Hope called “action”, V recited his lines like a true professional.


Suga didn’t have to do much acting because his line sounded like something he might say naturally!


Even so, Suga had difficulty staying serious and ended up with a NG.


His second attempt was still smiley, but he managed to get an “okay” from his director-members.


BTS ended their BEHIND MISSION with an unscripted message of love for ARMY, telling them that they would see them soon.


To see the full BEHIND MISSION segment, check out this video here.