BTS And TXT Fans Couldn’t Handle This Photo Of Jimin And Soobin’s Hands Together

One of the most precious BTS x TXT interaction you’ll see!

BTS and TXT met up at the 2019 MAMA in Japan where they were able to briefly interact on the sidelines. And one particular fan caught a special moment between Jimin and Soobin!

The particular moment was when Jimin and Soobin reached out to shake hands together.

And fans couldn’t get over the size difference in their hands!

Soobin is famous for having extraordinarily big hands!

His hands make even Jin‘s worldwide broad shoulders look normal!

He’s often compared hands with his other members and made all of their hands look tiny!

Meanwhile, Jimin is famous for having the cutest hands in the industry!

Compared to V‘s signature long fingers, Jimin’s hands look like a young boy reaching out to grab his dad’s hands!

He’s also known to have the cutest battle against his fans to see who has the bigger hands!

Just another adorable interaction between the sweetest brotherhood between BTS and TXT!