TXT Were Nervous To See BTS, But BTS Made Them Feel At Home

The Big Hit Family vibes were strong backstage at M Countdown.

BTS and TXT gave everybody major “Big Hit Family” vibes backstage at M Countdown!


On June 27, Mnet released the first episode of ONE DREAM.TXT, a reality program that gives a behind-the-scenes look at TXT during their 30-day showcase tour in the US. In it, TXT meets up with BTS for a backstage chat at M Countdown. 


Even though TXT and BTS trained at the same company for years and have met before, TXT were still as nervous as any fanboys would be to see them.


In the hallway just outside the room BTS were waiting, TXT crossed paths with J-Hope. After bowing in greeting, J-Hope walked right over to TXT and started adjusting Huening Kai‘s bag, making them all smile.


When TXT came into BTS’s room, the two groups introduced themselves like they would to an audience. Suga asked why they couldn’t just greet each other casually instead, but the formality was actually a way to make TXT feel more at ease. Jimin said, “If we do it [casually] the kids will be more uncomfortable”. 


J-Hope also helped everyone feel more comfortable with his unique brand of humor. He asked Huening Kai what he was carrying inside his bag. “I taught you this, didn’t I?”, he prompted. “It’s carrying fans’ hearts,” Huening Kai replied. This is the perfect, adorably cheesy answer that would charm fans at fan meeting!


The more TXT talked and joked with BTS, the more relaxed they became.


After all, they aren’t just labelmates; they’re family!